Buying From The Website

Welcome to the FR Wholesale website. On this website you can find wholesale crystal lots with prices, photos, weights, and quality. If you like what you see you can skip the ordering process and quickly order from the website. The minimum from ordering from the website can be as low as whatever the lowest priced lot is.

[Specific Lots]

When you view a lot listing that states it is a Specific Lot, you will receive exactly what is in the photo. Each specific lot will only have one available and once it is sold/out of stock it will no longer be available. If you would like to request addition photos or videos of a specific lot please contact us on IG and we can send you videos. If you want to return a Specific Lot you must return the entire lot and pay for return shipping cost.

[Blind Lots]

The photos on the Blind Lot listings are an approximate example of what you will receive from a Blind Lot. These lots are chosen by us with opening boxes to fulfill the amount requested. Shapes, sizes, colors, and any sort of inclusion will be chosen equally. We will not take requests for only amethyst with calcite, lodolite clear quartz clusters, purple flash labradorite, etc. If you want to return a Blind Lot you must return the entire lot and pay for return shipping cost.



[Packing, Shipping, Transit time, & Insurance.]

Wholesale orders are packed and shipped out as they are received. We will always pack your goods to the industry standard that can handle light to medium handling, box stacks up to 4 - 5 boxes, and any box movement of the boxes in the trucks or on the conveyor belts. Every seam will always be taped and fragile stickers will always be on each face of the box. Items will always be properly wrapped with no movement inside the box. Heavy duty boxes are used and precise packaging is always executed. Wholesale packing lists will always be included with your order that indicates that the product quantity has been checked, what product is in which box, who packed it, and when it was packed. If you encounter any damaged/missing product when you receive your shipment please save your packing list so we can review our packer cameras and see what went wrong. For damaged product since we are now requiring insurance for all orders, you will be fully insured for your order. If the shipping carrier mishandled your shipment then you are entitled to an insurance refund through the shipping carrier.

Transit time is dependent on which service is requested. If there isn't a transit time selected, we will always go with UPS ground. We will charge you for UPS ground if no other services are requested. If a faster transit time is requested you will need to pay for the proper amount for the faster service.

All wholesale orders are insured. If you have any damages, lost, or stolen packages please contact us and we will make the shipping insurance claim for you. Please do not try to contact UPS/USPS to do the claim. Please only contact us.